Zumutor’s antibody display platform is unique as it has been developed through two stages of screening using phage display and yeast display technologies in a seamless manner. Strategically, the phage display technology has been designed to clone large number of antibody genes (upto 1011 molecules). The subsequent step of yeast library screening is used for the identification of specific binders to recognize antigenic epitopes. Combining the phage and yeast surface display allows us to scan large antibody library size without compromising quality of antibody binding which are expressed in Eukaryotic system with proper post translational modifications.


Naïve Non-immune Library

Naïve antibody gene library was developed from genetically diverse Indian population. The library is estimated to contain 108 to 109 antibody gene diversity.

Synthetic Library

We have analyzed nearly 3000 antibody gene sequences from IMGT data base and compiled length variability and amino acid sequence variability for heavy chain CDR3 region, supposed to be the highest contributor in antibody diversity. The synthetic library is estimated to contain 1010sequence diversity.

Both libraries will allow screening of any antigen (human and non human) for potential lead molecules for therapeutic, diagnostic and prognostic applications
We have filed global IP rights for all libraries and associated technologies
All libraries are designed for identifying lead candidates either in antibody ScFv format or Fab format

This strategy would allow us to develop highly complex immune or nonimmune library targeting specific disease segments like Immuno-Oncology, neutralizing antibodies in infectious diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis and so on

Antibody Library Development
• Naive (non-immune)
• Synthetic
Complete Diversity will be Captured in Phage Libraries (estimated size 1012)
Multiple panning cycles against specific targets to screen hits
Final Library will use Yeast Surface Display in ScFv and Fab Format for a Stream of Potential Molecules

Why choose our antibody display platform?

Compatible with complex, disulfide bonded, multi chain antibody molecules from ScFV to complex Fab structure
High throughput, quantitative screening assay using magnetic bead based techniques and Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS)
The screening process is streamlined with uniquely designed vectors for cloning from Phage to yeast systems
Rapid characterization of selected antibody clones using protease cleavage and purification methods. The clones need not be transferred for separate expression system.