Zumutor has developed multiple expression platforms which lead to improvement of antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity of therapeutic antibodies. The ADCC Improvement Platform and methods of development are unique and we have filed patent applications to secure global IP rights. All R &D activities related to our ADCC Improvement Platform are carried out in our facilities in India

Glycan-engineering with our proprietary ADCC Improvement Platform will lead to antibody products with enhanced efficacy

Higher efficiency in tumor cell death
Greater efficacy at lesser number of tumour antigens

Future Applications

Glycan engineering of monoclonal antibody would lead to stronger interaction with NK cell CD16 receptors; this unique property could be used in NK cell mediated therapeutics in immuno-oncology targets, and CAR engineered NK cell therapy

Zumutor’s Glycoengineered Antibody

We have successfully developed AntiHer2 Antibody using our in house ADCC Improvement Platform in our R & D Lab in India. The new product has been tested for multiple analytical assays to compare with commercially available Trastuzumab innovator molecule and potentially breakthrough results have been observed

Equivalent Her2/Neu antigen binding affinity when compared with Trastuzumab.
Analysis of major glycans in the glycoengineered AntiHer2 Antibody product
ADCC improvement – 20 times higher ADCC compared to Trastuzumab.

Zumutor’s glycoengineered Anti Her2 Antibody is ready for animal studies. Necessary regulatory permissions are being sought.